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Our Products

Typically supporting the commercial and professional cooking, food processing and bulk container businesses, our radiant and contact heating assemblies and products are manufactured using best- in-class materials, assembled within the UK.

Where applicable, our focus is on the integration of thermal insulation and temperature sensing technology, providing energy-saving and performance benefits.

PRW Thermal, leaders in the design and manufacture of electric heating elements
Advanced Technology
UK Design and Manufacture
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About PRW Thermal

A small team with many years’ experience in the design and manufacture of electric heating elements, electric appliances and mechatronic equipment, servicing industrial and consumer markets, we offer a range of existing design platforms and the option to customize with rapid design and CNC machine production processes.

We have in-depth technical knowledge of heating system design, high temperature materials technology and temperature sensing and control systems, which is supported by modern manufacturing equipment and a high-quality supply base.

We work closely with customers, particularly in NPD, to ensure the most effective integration of heating systems within the application and minimising time-to-market.
Our business model is based on developing innovative technical solutions, excellent product quality whilst being competitive in all our product sectors, which include.


  • Vitroheat Radiant Heaters for under Glass Ceramic or Metallic cooking surfaces
  • Heattherm Ribbon / Thermal Insulation Composite Contact Heaters
  • Aluminium Foil Heating Elements
  • Silicone Heating Elements
  • Bulk Container (IBC) Single Trip and Multi Trip Heaters

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