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Vitroheat Radiant Heaters

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For Under Ceramic Glass and Metallic Cooking Surfaces

Our experience with these type of radiant heaters dates back 25 years, both in the high volume, automated manufacturing and specialist hand-made environments. We have a detailed knowledge of the design, materials and process technologies associated with these products typically for the high-end domestic, professional and commercial cooking sectors.

Open coils fixed to high temperature microporous insulation for which patterns are carefully designed for optimum heat transfer and uniformity of thermal distribution.

These can be zoned with different circuits to optimise matching of different cookware

For higher temperature cooktop heaters, maximum top surface temperatures 600⁰C, we incorporate rod temperature limiters.

Typical lead time for samples to new design 2-3 weeks, supported by rapid prototyping via in-house CNC machining of thermal insulation and laser cut metalwork.

  • Radiant heat source designed for either metallic or glass ceramic direct cooking surfaces
    For professional and commercial glass ceramic cooktop and hob applications.
  • uniform heat source for warming stations and dry bain-maries
    For countertop, front-of-house and heated server glass ceramic warming applications.
  • Vitroheat Deep Frying
    Deep Frying and Pasta Cooking
    For clean surfaced glass ceramic based frying and boiling stations.
  • Vitroheat griddles
    Griddles & Teppanyaki Platens
    For glass ceramic and metallic direct cooking and vario pan applications.