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Heattherm Contact Heaters

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Our New Contact Heating Elements comprising ribbon resistance substrate and high-performance thermal insulation composite. We use a recently developed mineral matrix thermal insulation with exceptional combination of low thermal conductivity, compressive strength & mechanical stability.

For contact with metallic surfaces, such as cooking platens, these offer an energy efficient alternative to metal tubular elements, with excellent heat distribution and low back-face heat loss.

  • Maximum surface heating temperatures approximately 350 deg C
  • Sealed housing option for
  • Overall depth as low as 10mm
  • Option to for integral temperature sensors (eg platinum RTD, K type thermocouple)
  • Extensive envelope of sizes / shapes
  • Integrated fixing assemblies avoid the need for clamping plates.
  • Typical applications: Waffle machines, crepe machines, griddles, steel & cast iron cooktops, teppanyaki hobs
  • HeatTherm Waffle Machine
    Clamshell Waffle Cooking Machine

    Clamshell Waffle Cooking Machine: As supplied to the UK’s leading manufacturer of waffle machines, the application of Heattherm elements have transformed the performance and energy efficiency over previous tubular sheathed units.

    • Energy consumption reduction of more than 30% over typical multiple cooking cycles and idle periods

    • Heating time to cooking temperature reduced by more than 50%, despite 7% reduction in power rating

    • More uniform temperature profile across platen

    • Improved accuracy of temperature control due to integration of platinum RTD temperature sensor

    • Reduced finished product assembly times due to integration of element design, whilst facilitating interchangeable platens for different waffle styles

  • Crepe Cooking Appliance
    Crepe Cooking Appliance

    Crepe Cooking Appliance: New product with diameter 400mm cast iron platen incorporating Heattherm circular heating element. Fully integrated into appliance design so that it includes platen assembly mounting to appliance housing.

    • Energy consumption reduction of up to 30% over key competitor appliances

    • Heating time to cooking temperature reduced by more than 40%, despite 10% reduction in power rating

    • Temperature across platen uniform within 15°C

    • Integral platen mounting facilitates version with interchangeable platens for alternative cooking styles

    • Integral mounting location for thermostat sensor phial