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Container Heaters

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PRW Thermal supplies a range of single trip Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) heaters for the food processing, dairy products and pharmaceutical industries. These heaters are used to aid the discharge of products, which are solid or highly viscous at room temperature, from linered containers, saving energy required for heating warehouses or processing areas.

Bespoke container heaters

We have a range of standard octagonal and rectangular heaters but can readily customise to customers’ requirements in terms of size, power rating and temperature limiting. Our CNC routing and machining facility facilitates rapid manufacture of new production jigs to support rapid customisation and supply new heater designs within typically 2-3 weeks.

Our close relationship with thermostat suppliers allows us to offer a wide range of limiting temperatures. A key feature of our container heaters is the closely spaced heating wire, improving heat transfer into the product, lowering discharge times.