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Aluminium Foil Heating Elements

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Contact heating elements constructed from silicone insulated resistance wire wound onto fibreglass strands, laminated between self-adhesive aluminium foil sheets. Suited to a wide range of applications where temperatures are limited to approximately 130°C, particularly large heated areas, for example keep-warm zones and plate warmers.

  • Extensive envelope of sizes and shapes
  • Self-adhesive contact surface or backing material of choice (eg high temperature polymer film in conjunction with water-resistant adhesive
  • Multi-circuit options (eg dual voltage)
  • Option to integrate a range of compact temperature-limiting thermostats within the element assembly
  • Temperature sensors (eg NTC, Platimum RTD and Thermocouple) may be laminated into the element to provide integral sensing control solutions
  • Option to add a range of thermal insulation backing materials (eg high temperature polymer foams) to improve thermal efficiency